What is Needed to Produce Quality CNC Lathing Parts?

Nov. 15, 2021

CNC Lathing Part

Producing quality parts often depends on a complex combination of CNC machines, software, tools and processes, and skilled machinists. By managing these different parameters well, you will be able to deliver quality and consistent CNC lathing parts with the right levels of the accuracy demanded by your customers.


Automate with CNC Controls

As computer systems are used to control CNC machines, many operations of the production can be automated to increase production and decrease unproductive times. An identical or mix of parts can be machined with higher and more constant accuracy levels. Repeat orders can also be set up in shorter times, while emergency orders can be more easily slotted into your production schedule.


Optimize with Machine Software

Reputable CNC machine manufacturers often provide specially designed software in their machines that control various parameters and provide error alerts and reports. Such software enables your knowledgeable machinists to evaluate machining processes, take proactive or corrective actions to ensure that part quality is not compromised, and optimize production efficiency by maximizing your machine's capabilities.


Consider the Best Machine Type

Do you have the right equipment and machines in your workshop to do this job? If not, you will need to consider the best fit for your project while evaluating the wide range of CNC machine types available in the market.

High-quality CNC machines may cost more. However, they can achieve extremely high accuracy and tight tolerances. CNC machines manufactured with good overall mechanics, quality Ball Screws, and Linear Roller Guides or Solid Box Guideways, hardened, ground, and then hand-scraped to perfection are capable and proven of delivering long-term accuracy and stability.

To assess if the market demands the very same type of machine that you are looking for — this will give you a hint on what’s practical and useful for your machining needs. Finally, consider the delivery time of the brand and type of CNC machine, so that you are not forced into buying second or even third choices.


Use the Right Feeds & Speed

Use the right feeds and speed during part machining as these factors affect the surface quality of your parts and the lifetime of your cutting tool selected.

If you set your speed too slow, you may experience both lower efficiency and possible damage to your tool. If you set your speed too fast, you may encounter accuracy and contour issues, as well as the faster wear out of your cutting tool — this results in higher production costs. Consider the “Golden Middle” as doing so will secure good part quality, longer cutting tool life, and constant and save production runs.


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