Nine Reasons For The Instability Of CNC Machined Parts (2)

Oct. 18, 2021


In order to ensure the quality of your CNC machined parts and increase profits, please read the following information carefully.


6. CNC machining parts with poor surface finish

Reason: Tooltip is damaged and not sharp. The machine tool resonates and is not placed smoothly. The machine tool has a creeping phenomenon. The machining process is not good.

Solution: If the tool is worn or damaged and not sharp, re-sharpen the tool or select a better tool to re-align the tool. If the machine resonates or is not placed smoothly, adjust the level, lay the foundation, and fix it smoothly. Mechanical prostration occurs because of fierce wear of the dragging board guide and worn or loose screwballs. The machine should pay attention to maintenance. The machine should be cleaned after work and lubricated in time. Select a suitable coolant for workpiece processing. In the case of other processes that can reach the processing requirements, try to use a higher spindle speed.


7. CNC machining parts a process processing has changed, the scale of other processes accurate

Cause: Whether the parameters of the program are reasonable, whether the program is within the reserved track, and whether the programming pattern meets the requirements of the manual.

Solution: When the thread program segment shows a messy tooth and incorrect pitch, the peripheral equipment (encoder) and the objective factor of the function are immediately associated with the thread processing.


8. Each process of the CNC machined part is incremental or decremental

Reason: The program is wrongly written; the system parameters are not set properly; the equipment is not set properly; the mechanical transmission parts have a regular periodic change problem.

Solution: Check whether the instructions used in the program are performed according to the requirements of the manual. Can play through the percentage table to determine. Position the percentage table at the beginning of the program. Let the program finish after the dragging board whether to return to the starting position. Repeat the procedure to check the results and grasp the rules. Check if the system parameters are set properly or are considered to be changed. Check whether the machine equipment in question meets the requirements of the single accounting on the coupling parameters of the articulation accounting. Check whether the pulse equivalent is accurate. Check if the machine drive is not damaged. The gear coupling is uniform. Check whether there is a periodic, regular fault phenomenon. If there is, then check the key parts and give the sweep.


9. CNC machining parts scale and the actual scale difference of a few millimeters, or a large change in a certain axial direction

Reason: The speed of fast positioning is too fast, the drive and the motor do not respond. After a long period of conflict loss of mechanical dragging plate screw and bearing too tight jammed. The tool holder is too loose after the tool change, and the lock is not tight. The correction procedure is wrong, the head and tail do not correspond to each other or the tool is finished without withdrawing. The electronic gear ratio or step angle of the system is set wrongly.

Solution: If the fast positioning speed is too fast, adjust the speed of GO appropriately. Cutting plus or minus speed and time so that the drive and motor are in the additional operating frequency of normal operation. In the presentation of machine wear after the occurrence of drag plate, screw crane bearing too tight jam, it is necessary to readjust the correction. If the tool holder is too loose after the tool change, check whether the tool holder reversal time is satisfactory. Check whether the turbine worm inside the tool holder is worn. If the gap is too large, whether the device is too loose, etc. If it is caused by the program, it is necessary to correct the program. Improve according to the requirements of the workpiece drawing and select a reasonable machining process. Write the correct program according to the instruction of the manual. If you find that the scale error is too large, check whether the system parameters are set reasonably. In particular, the electronic gear and step angle parameters are not damaged. Present this phenomenon can be measured by playing the percentage table.


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