How Should the Four-axis CNC Machining Tool Setting?

Dec. 18, 2021

4-axis CNC machining parts


The tool position point is a reference point on the 4-axis CNC machining tool, and the trajectory of the relative movement of the tool position point is the machining route, also called the programming trajectory. Tool position point is very important for high precision CNC lathe. Because once the programming parameters are incorrectly entered and the machine collides, the impact on the machine accuracy is fatal.


Tool setting and tool setting point

Tool setting is to make the tool position point coincide with the tool setting point by certain measurement means before the CNC program is started by the index control operator. You can use the tool setting instrument to the tool, its operation is relatively simple, the measurement data is also more accurate. You can also use the coordinates on the CNC machine tool for tool setting after positioning the fixture and mounting the part on the CNC machine tool, using a measuring block, plug gauge, micrometer, etc. For the operator to determine the point of the tool set will be very important and will directly affect the accuracy of the machining of the part and the accuracy of the program control. In the batch production process, it is more important to consider the repeatability of the tool setting point, and it is necessary for the operator to deepen his understanding of CNC equipment and master more tool setting skills.


The selection principle of tool setting point

  • Improve the accuracy and precision of the tool set, even if the part does not require high precision or the program requirements are not strict, the machining accuracy of the selected tool setting part should be higher than the machining accuracy of other positions.

  • It is easy to find the correctness on the machine tool, easy to check during processing, easy to calculate when programming and the tool setting error is small.

  • Tool setting point can choose a point on the part (such as the center of the positioning hole of the part), or a point outside the part (such as a point on the fixture or machine tool), but must have a certain coordinate relationship with the positioning reference of the part.

  • The tool setting point should be unified with the design reference or process reference as far as possible to avoid the reduction of tool setting accuracy or even machining accuracy due to dimensional conversion, which will increase the difficulty of the CNC program or CNC machining of the part.

  • Select the part with a large contact surface, easy monitoring, and stable machining process as the tool setting point.

  • The accuracy of the tool setting point depends on both the accuracy of the CNC equipment and the requirements of the part processing. Manually check the accuracy of the tool set to improve the quality of CNC machining parts. Especially in batch production to take into account the repetition accuracy of the tooling point, the accuracy can be used to check the coordinate value of the tooling point relative to the machine origin.

  • In order to improve the machining accuracy of the part, the tooling point should be selected as far as possible in the design of the part benchmark or process benchmark. For example, the hole positioning parts, the center of the hole as the tooling point are more appropriate.


The selection method of the tooling point

  • For CNC lathes or turning and milling machining center CNC equipment, due to the center position (X0, Y0, A0) has been determined by CNC equipment, determine the axial position to determine the entire processing coordinate system. Therefore, it is only necessary to determine the axial (Z0 or relative position) of a certain end face as a tool setting point.

  • For four-axis or five-axis CNC equipment, the addition of the fourth and fifth axis of rotation, the same as the three-coordinate CNC equipment to select the tooling point is similar, due to more complex equipment, while the CNC system intelligence, provides more tooling methods, need to be determined according to the specific CNC equipment and specific processing parts.

  • This method is very flexible and skillful and brings great convenience for subsequent CNC machining.


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