What is rapid mold and what are the advantages?


1.We use rapid mold technology to make molded parts instead of the prototype mold, as we can use the former to produce parts on injection molding machines.

2.Rapid mold has the advantages of saving the cost of several thousand samples and producing parts with better density and strength.

3.For some types of parts, rapid mold costs only a few hundred dollars for mold manufacturing. We can make a rapid mold to test all the functions before the formal molding order. For some large and complex molds, it may also avoid the risks of costs.

4.We use rapid tools and molds to produce product samples for their first launch. For example, some clients might need urgent samples for advertising or exhibition at the trade show.

The prototype mold has many shortages. While products of prototype mold are of less density and strength that can hardly pass the safety and function tests, the rapid mold is not only superior in these parameters but also produces samples with higher precision. We have made parts with many real cavities and cores on injection molding machines using the same technology for the quantity of several thousand sets of samples, there is no problem at all.

5.We have a successful case of helping our USA clients to add headlights for the old stock cars on the market. Firstly we make the CNC prototype samples for assembly test, then when everything is fine we use the rapid tool for molding the raw material of the headlight housing.


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