Special Shape & Large Size of rubber part


1.XYT has the capacity to produce large-size rubber parts. For this order, we have produced rubber parts of over 30kg.



2.Rapid mold technology is applied here for manufacturing rubber parts of large size and weight for the customer. In addition, we can also process rubber parts in special shapes that can hardly be produced using traditional rubber processing technology.

3.If you have any molding or injection demands, please feel free to contact us and send us the drawings to get a favorable quotation.

About us

XYT Company mainly produces multi-axis CNC machining and lathing parts, including those of customized special sizes, precision, or other requirements. We also serve as a manufacturer of large-size injection parts and rubber parts for overseas customers. We are honored to say that we have earned a good reputation for presenting delicate products to satisfy our customers.


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Time of issue:2023-02-22 17:19:55