What we do ?

1. CNC milling part ; 2. cnc lathing part 3. injection part and rubber part 4. rapid tool 5. prototype

If you send us a RFQ , You will get the following :

1. you will get a feedback within 6 hours;

2. we will send out free sample for your first review and confirm;

3.You will get a reasonable price quote.


Prototype making service
We help Clients making metal and plastic prototype , Production technologies including IML ,Injecton ,Stamping and laser. Following successful cases all made by XYT company, And if you are interested in our production, Pls feel free call us and email us today.

Rapid Tooling
We can make a rapid tooling in 6 working days for Low-Volume Manufacturing Services. Some of rapid tooling cost is very lower, Equal with making prototype for runing a production. Rapid tooling of both aluminium and steel moulds to achieve a lower cost and shorter lead time.

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